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The Diabetic Cookbook

The steady increase in 'lifestyle diseases' has among other things, meant that diabetes has become a health crisis. So, if you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes, understanding what is safe to eat can be tricky. However, taking steps to control the disease doesn't mean depriving yourself of tasty food, instead it means eating a balanced and healthy diet.In this comprehensive diabetic cookbook, Michael Swamy introduces readers to carefully curated recipes for anyone cooking for diabetes. Discover how the profiles of familiar dishes like lentils and khichdis can be altered by using easily available superfoods and super ingredients-without affecting their taste and experiential quotient and yet at the same time help in lowering blood sugar levels. Alongside the over 70 delicious recipes divided into soups, salads, starters, breads, beverages and desserts, find out how you can increase your protein intake with fewer meats on your plate. Prepare and enjoy vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan dishes confidently, this cookbook will not only help manage the diseases but also bring you the joys of fine food.

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Masala Dabba

"The Indian kitchen is incomplete without the ‘masala dabba’ or the spice box that comprises a world of flavours, colours and textures. Sometimes, a single spice does the trick, at other times several spices combine to form a robust blend. Here, we explore the ‘masala dabba’ and its contents from a not-so-obvious point of view. What would happen, for instance, if milk masala were not added to milk but meat, or chilli Flakes in desserts? Believe it or not, the answer is: spectacular food. Masala dabba presents a melange of culinary techniques and unique spice blends and Mixtures that would guarantee a delightful dining experience. This book will definitely come in handy while you cook up a storm for your dear ones with a dash of freshness and the goodness of zesty spices.".

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Easy Guide to Pairing Indian Food and WIne

Surprise, surprise! Indian food and wine do go together. The Easy Guide to Pairing Indian Food and Wine tells you how. While matching food with a particular wine is a matter of personal taste, the guide aims to give you a few pointers and recipes to enhance your enjoyment of both and lead you to a truly spirited experience!


The East Indian Kitchen

The book is currently being re-published

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