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Giving Back

Come Walk With Us On Our Journey

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Cooking Wild

A Wilderness Culinary Experience

With a strong passion for nature and wildlife and creating a sense of mindfulness when it comes to being in nature. We set out to build a platform that talks about food and the wilderness and how the circle of life begins and ends with nature.

Working and cooking and teaching locals and tribals the value of food and talking to guests and children and creating a sense of awareness that if we save the wild we save our food source and build a better tomorrow.

Working with resorts like Te Aroha, Pugdundee Safaris, Jim's Jungle Retreat, Japalouppe Equestrian farms and doing workshops at colleges and schools along with creating short videos on the topic.

Circee Health

Plant Based Disease Reversal Company

Chef Michael and his team are working on giving back to society and nature in this beautiful venture. From the creation of recipes to videos to podcasts its all about creating relationships and spreading the message of health through food.

With a belief that chefs are meant to create and excel and set benchmarks its a proud association with Circee Health in giving people access to good honest healthy food.

Circee Health a US and India based Company has been in the space of disease reversal and healing through food. On coming into India after a few decades in the USA they are working with individuals and brands in promoting good health through a plant based diet. Dr. Jenny not only is a double doctorate she along with Ajoy Prabhu a research scientist treats the patient through its unique concierge facility.

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South Asian Association For Gastronomy

S.A.A.G is a collective of hospitality industry professionals, food scholars and policy influencers from South Asian nations who believe in promoting regional unity through culinary diversity.

It is founded by industry insiders with a passion for gastronomy, each with expertise and experience that contribute to the association in distinctive ways.

S.A.A.G , through the annual Food for Thought Fest, aims to fill the lacuna which exists currently in authoritative representation for gastronomy at a regional level.

Chef Michael is on its board to help and assist and also help in the creation of an upcoming awards.


I met Rohan and his gorgeous mother in 2016 or thereabouts. From the came a beautiful friendship and a a resurgence of a love for horses.. A madness to create a restaurant around horses soon came about and a dream was born. Nothing is ever sudden and life has its way of gradually taking control of one's soul.

Creating healthy menus and a cafe at the horse riding school. Having created events around food like a barbecue event and Earthen to creating healthy meals for the camp riders.

The soon to be cafe is being setup and will cater to the campers, riders and guests to the Equestrian farm.

The farm is also home to horses, and a bevy of animals and its petting zoo and collection of dogs make it a destination place through the week..

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A Podcast and video series showcasing food artists and food design, conversations with people.

While revolving around food it also brings forth a sense of mindfulness and creating an ethos of well being and happiness.

Our travels have taken all across India and having met many people on our travels we feel that there is a disconnect and we all know that food is what brings people together.

Our channel is just that and with many playlists to choose from.


A beautiful concept created by Jashan Sippy and myself. Here we promote ethical cooking methods and curate dinners around the same.

Returning to ones roots is a fun way of doing things. Foods were simpler, healthier and tastier.

From pot cooking to cooking underground, to cooking in stone or earthenware to natural cooking methods like cooking in leaves to organic produce and foraging.

Education a whole diaspora of ages utilising, social media, design, multi media and the creation of a youtube channel we are working on creating unique spaces that revolve around food, nature and travel across the globe.

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