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Food Media Services

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Food Design | Styling | Photography

Food Design is an integral part of our lives. Bring stories to life through food and design. from planning menu cards to helping restaurants and hotels upgrade their food presentations, to teaching chefs and staff the art of plating and design. We have been styling food since 1996 for food brands, TV Shows, Corporates, Publishing houses, Restaurants, Advertising Agencies.

With an in-house team of assistants and chefs on call we have created a niche market in the field of food media. Chef Michael's passion for the camera began at an early age and branching out and handling food shoots took the brand to creating our own images and also being able to work creatively with many publishing houses and creating one's own unique style.

Culinary Art & Education

The creation of syllabi for educational institutes is vital in the field of food. from education to working with Culinary institutes and Hospitality businesses for over two decades Cottagechef Culinaire has come a long way in changing the mindset of many a brand.

Focusing on culinary techniques and educating staff in the jungle resorts in India. Cooking wild has become a pet project in educating the locals and bringing about international standards in local cuisine, tribal cuisine and giving the locals a glimpse at what they can achieve.

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Cookbook Consultancy

We help authors and potential authors on their book projects. We have done projects for authors and chefs and also worked with several publishing houses in India and the USA.

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