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Our Work

Understanding the brands who we work with is an important part of our eco-system. Following a path of mindfulness, happiness and sustainability our journey has been one of learning and understanding and above all giving.

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Without water there would be no wines. You wouldn’t be sipping your favourite single malt or brewing your relaxing cupper neither. VEEN has found multiple unique natural spring sources where it produces distinctive bottled water products of individual characteristics.

Finnish Lapland is VEEN’s place of origin and the home of its first spring source.
Working with spreading the message of mindfullnes and "Save Water" with the brand and they play a major role in our Cooking Wild Series"

The mindful selection of 0% alternatives.

0% Alcohol selections features carefully chosen brands that not only have more health benefits, but more taste too. Crafted by experts and made with local natural ingredients and mineral-rich water, our 0% Alcohol beverages are specifically chosen for their quality and diverse flavours.

Associated with the brand to curate dinners and events around the products.

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Natgeo Traveller Logo.jpeg

Conducting workshops on food and travel and writing for the magazine occasionally

Canada Produce

Working with the Canadian High Commission to promote Canadian produce.


Creation of videos and booklets to create recipes with Indian elements and using Canadian produce like Blueberries, Maple Syrup, Sockeye Salmon and more


Soam Babulnath


The popular restaurant in South Mumbai, Serving a range of seasonal vegetarian comfort dishes presented in a casual, contemporary setting.

Assisting in the visual branding and promotion of the restaurant along with its sister concern Soam at Home

Curating and the creation of DIY kits with the brand. Taking favourite dishes from across the globe and a selection of the finest quality of fish to build home cooked meals with no stress or fuss. The creation of educational videos for the brand and working with the owners Sangram Sawant, Shwetha Sawant and the team.


Pescafresh Jacket Front.jpg
Pesca fresh.png

Puggdundee Safaris is one of the largest Wildlife Adventure Safari outfits in the country. With properties in Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Satpura, Tadoba.

We curate the culinary experiences and the menus for all the 5 properties. From serving local cuisines and tribal cuisines to training locals on International cuisines and developing the bakery and dessert propiflies,

From working with sustainable produce and ingredients from the organic farms and utilising safe environmental practices have created a niche market in the culinary for the brand.

Brightside Media USA

Started by Claire Brewington is an anchor, host and curator of Bright Side Global Trade

We contribute for the food section of the magazine and are involved in the talk shows created by Bright side global trade

brightside global trade logo .png

Te Aroha Dhanachuli

Nestled in the hills of Uttarakhand is a mystical place called Dhanachuli that houses a beautiful boutique hotel and restaurant.

We have been involved in the training of the staff and curating events at the hotel.

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Wraps And Rolls


Based out of Bombay Wraps and Rolls has been around for almost 2 decades. Creating the visual branding and assisting in menu design and ideating to build up the brand

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