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A Chef & The Sea

Glorious is the sea, We take from it with abandon,

We taste the pleasures of the sea, We profit from it

Another life I see, Another wave washes a dream

In some past left I must have been a mariner. The sea calms my soul and moves my heart. I’ve drowned in it s infinite wisdom and it makes me small and puts me in my place. As I walked down the beach I see a kid splashing in a stream scooping out the tiny fish and putting them into a green glass bottle. I see a fisherman undoing his nets. The waves cascade along the shore in merriment. The very same tide that turns dark and murky during the monsoon. We strive all day and toil and then buy a place by the sea at the sunset of our lives. The humble fisherman made a wise choice and did what he loves doing. The peace and serenity of fishing and the peace on the waves. He knows when to fish and not to fish. The overabundance of fishing not brought on not by demand but by greed.

I long for a long sea voyage where I can witness the magic of the sea. The world beneath it. The singing of the whales, the song of the humpback is so magical and when he calls its serene. The sadness is the female doesn’t hear his call as he sings at a few octaves higher. The notes of the both lay testimony to miracles we cannot understand. The sea eagle swoops and dives, it's magnificent wings glint in the sun. I dream of dolphins riding the waves and the migration of the large stingray as they fly through the air. When you hold a sea turtle that’s been stranded on the beaches of Karnataka, one feels the tug of its heart as you glide it into the sea.

Men have cried out in vain to understand its allure, some have even died trying. The salt in ones mouth, the sense of dread, that feeling when you are not in control as the tide sweeps you in. that feeling of sheer exhilaration and adrenalin rush that only the sea can give. Its manic as you succumb to the mighty tug, all sense prevails as you let go, then from somewhere deep within you relax and let the waves take control. A might breath and massive pull the chains snap and with a shudder you pull through. The tide is relentless it captures your soul it can drag you under and capture you whole. The sea has had me in its grasp more than once and it’s a scary proposition, carelessly I wander in its arms again and again. I fear it and I fear it not.

What of the sea that it gives so much, its bounty unfolds in a myriad ways. Its recourses depleted at a pace that nature has to revolt in order to put man in its place.

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