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A Campaign to kick off a series of events to Save Nature via Food along with The Home Chef Association of India

Save Nature & Wildlife via Food

Trends are very often started off by chefs and culinairians. As chefs it is a responsibility to not only deliver good and safe food to clients and customers but also come out in the open and talk about safe food, safe food practices and the environment.

Today we are seeing the effects of neglect, mercury and plastic in almost everything that comes out of the sea. Even the very salt from the sea has been affected. The lack of change in farming practices has denuded the earth. The rate of farmer suicides is also affecting the eco-system, as well as over farming and non seasonal farming. What we think of as organic isn’t really organic. The pesticide levels have resulted in diseases like alzheimers and dementia to name a few. The very pots and pans of aluminium and non stick pans are also a result of many changes in our system.

Our ancestors had it right from using copper vessels and iron vessels to cook in, it was safe. Modern times has changed the very nature of how we cook and what we cook in.

The changes of the eco-system and of our forests are being changed with the want of fossil fuels. Where will wildlife go and what changes will it bring to the farming world. The over population of herbivores will ruin crops and the natural order of hierarchy in the wild will be broken with the disappearance of the top predator. The disappearance of bees shall affect pollination and this shall in turn affect the creation of fruit and vegetables as we know it.

There is a change coming in what we eat and drink. Should it be full of chemicals and pesticides is the question. We as humans and chefs need to stand up together and question what we are serving to people. We need to question the farmer and also help the farmer. Chefs are turning farmers in their hotels, growing food and vegetables, urban farming is on the rise. Aquaphonics and hydroponics is taking over natural farming methods and creating a sustainable living.

Nature being a topic of interest to Chef Michael is the very foundation of our food orientations. With the changes that are happening today we ask you to pick up your favourite Nature based cause and make a comment and post it. Chef Michaels initiative “Cooking Wild” is about a return to nature, reviving lost ingredients, lost dishes, slowly dying cooking techniques.

A simple request is to create a post with an image and a comment on how nature affects our food, post it on your own page and in food groups. Lets create a movement | campaign to save our environment and the farmers, for it is nature that’s gives us all its abundance and doesn’t ask for much in return but to respect it.

Lets keep the campaign clean and non-political and non-religious in that we don’t hurt people sentiments with rash or crude statements