Cochin, The Trident Hotel Wellington Island

A sleepy island named Wellington Island in the city of Cochin awaits us, its the naval base and a man made island built eons ago. The journey from the airport is not so long if you love car journeys, the horrendous traffic on the way can make the trip a wee bit longer.

The excitement mounts up for we have arrived in a place known for its cuisine thats online any other. The smell of curries wafting, the biryanis, the appams and other rice dishes beckon. We are in the area that is the rice bowl of this country which has many facets.

Karimeen Pollichathu

Am hungry and the bar looks inviting, the beer is chilled and the weathers hot, humid and stifling. the air hardly moves and as soon as the sun starts to ebb into the sea, the area takes on a different hue. The evening glow to the pitch black night, the headlights of cars swirl by and the sounds of the area enter the silence gently. The old hand painted trucks line the road leading to Wellington Island. Am tempted to sit in one of them, well thats for another day.

The trident hotel stands three stories tall and the corridors seems endlessly long after a long trip. The rooms are a joy to be in, luxury and comfort beyond compare. The hot water shower makes for a welcome break before heading down for a quick swim in the pool.

Am eager to experience the food, the creaminess of coconut and the mild hint of curry pasta, to the

Egg Appam

appams. Am reminded to have can egg appam in the morning. Its light coconut pancake with an egg steamed in its centre, the palate goes crazy with the chutneys and other accompaniments. Its the city of idlis but somehow the idlis from Bombay are much better.

The hotel has just one restaurant and an adjoining bar and by the pool the Seafood Grill operates at night. the dark skies and twinkling stars make for many a magical night. But oh to be here in the monsoons, the tropical rains and musky smells of wet earth take the journey to another level.

Chef Kumaran

Chef Kumaram is a delightful young chef full of vigour and passion. His youth belies his knowledge for a cuisine that’s just coming to the forefront globally. The local cuisine is very much the mainstay of the food served in the restaurant. With a fine bar area and lounge one can have a variety of cocktails and mocktails.

Their sea food grills are beautifully presented and plated on black. The flavours are well balanced and the flavour that stands out is the use of kokum and curry leaf. In Kerala one used to use the bimli fruit as a souring agent and its nice to sample dishes with an original flavour, the uniqueness of the local biryani that’s flavoured with whole spice against the use of powdered blends, lends a heady spicy aroma to the rice. For the vegetarians there are dishes like mushrooms tossed in a rich spicy gravy and the sweet appams take off the heat of the chilli. One can get addicted to the soft appams but take some time and try out the magic of the iddiappams and idilis. The rich kerala stews are flavourful here and not drowned in coconut which makes the food here one of the places that one must visit and eat at.

Cauliflower Varuval


Prawns Kakathil










Trident Hotel

Address: Bristow Road, Willingdon Island, Kochi, Kerala 682003

Phone:0484 308 1000